This program is for any dancer wishing for individualized training in a nurturing environment. Dancers in this program will train in ballet, jazz and modern/contemporary styles with the option of adding tap, hip hop, acro and musical theatre. Students in this program, are free to customize their experience by choosing the number of pieces and competitions they  wish to perform in. This allows the student to determine their level of involvement.

In this program the students will study both syllabi and open styles in all their core training classes, encouraging versatility while focusing on technique and performance. Dancers in our training program will perform and compete locally.


Our company is by audition only and is for the serious dancer wishing to make dance/performing arts their sole focus. These dancers will also  take class in our training program where musical theatre, tap, hip hop and acro are strongly encouraged to make a well rounded versatile performer.  Students in this program must perform at all local events.

In this program we will welcome guest teachers/choreographers to come in to work with the dancers on building their repertoire and vocabulary. The students will also have weekly class, rehearsal and Pilates. Dancers in our company will have the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally. 


 This program is for the theatre enthusiast who has a passion for musical theatre. Students in this program are encouraged to participate in our training program but don’t need to be dancers in our training program. MTP is open to anyone. 

Students registered in MTP will learn the skills to be part of a broadway show. They will work on vocal, acting and movement techniques in a workshop style setting. The year is culminated with the students presenting a musical production.

As an extension of our training program, students will learn the skills to be part of a Broadway show. They will be working on song, dance and acting techniques weekly in a workshop style setting.

This is a triple threat program where students will sing, dance and act. They must be comfortable with doing each of these elements both individually and in groups.